Air conditioner servicing in Belmont

March 20, 2015

Summer has arrived and air conditioners are starting to get a workout! If your air conditioner isn’t working as well as used to or worse, isn’t working at all, we’ll happily come and service it and get it back to peak working condition.

We provide air conditioner servicing in Belmont, keeping residents cool and comfortable throughout Geelong’s hot summers. If your air con is due for a service or not working as well as it should, don’t wait, book a service in ASAP. Otherwise you could be calling us for repairs or replacement, rather than what could have been a simple service.

Some people think their air con is on it’s way out when the air flow isn’t as powerful or cool as it used to be, but in many cases it just needs a good going over and something as simple as cleaning the filter can make an enormous difference! If you’re based in Belmont and would like to book a service for your air conditioning unit, pleaseĀ contact us.