Why an appliance repairer?

April 12, 2016

Many people ask why use an appliance repairer when an electricians hourly rate can be cheaper? There are several reasons:

  1.  Though the rate may be cheaper, the repair will usually take longer. This is not saying they are stretching the job out, but they do not see as many appliances, so they do not build up the knowledge that we can. This means a job that may take trades several hours we usually take us a small fraction of the time.
  2. As an agent for most of the popular brands on the market we also have the technical backup of the manufacturer for any ‘difficult’ repair that may otherwise take weeks to diagnose through trial and error. This can add time, and money, to your appliance repair cost.
  3. Once again, being an agent means that the cost of parts can be much lower. Most electricians have to source their parts from service agents, like ourselves and so the costs involved will be passed along to the end user(yourself).
  4. Brick and mortar. We base ourselves from a workshop with a team. While our technician’s are out and about repairing appliances, we have a team at the workshop offering backup to them, and a ‘contact centre’ for clients to contact regarding your repair. This means a saving again on time for repair as it is not one individual running around souring parts and information, as well as a readily available source of information regarding your repair.
  5. If the electrician cannot repair the appliance, he will recommend an appliance repairer anyway. So why take the round about way, call us from the start.