Dyson vacuum repairs and servicing in Geelong

September 5, 2016

Dyson vacuum cleaners have a hard-won and deserved reputation in Australia for style and quality. But even with that elite status and strong brand, Dysons are not impervious to the problems that come with regular use and are not exempt from a session on the vacuum cleaner servicing and repairs bench of our Geelong workshop.

Dyson has its own product support scheme and handy warranties, but those guarantees don’t last forever and warranty work and support plans can involve packing the vacuum cleaner into a box and sending it off to the manufacturer’s workshop. That means you’re left without a vacuum cleaner and the prospect of a dusty home or business until the machine arrives back from the repairer.

Luckily, vacuum cleaner servicing and repairs for Geelong and district owners is available in the heart of Geelong through Julian’s Appliance Centre. The efficient and professional work of our qualified vacuum technicians means vacuum cleaner owners can have their machines serviced or repaired and back in action in next to no time.

Geelong outside-of-warranty vacuum repair specialists

At Julian’s we stock a wide range of Dyson vacuum parts at our Geelong workshop, which means there’s no waiting for bits and pieces to arrive and ensures quick turnaround on all repairs and servicing. We understand the frustration owners endure when breakdowns occur on the wrong side of a warranty period and also know how much it costs to replace a high-quality vacuum cleaner. We’ve become known as “outside of warranty” specialists for our ability to identify and quickly resolve problems for minimum cost but with maximum satisfaction.

For anybody who wants to see just how good and efficient we are with Dyson vacuum cleaner repairs and servicing at our Geelong workshop, we’ve produced a time-lapse video of a repair job. You’ll only need 50 seconds to watch the video, below, and see how effectively and efficiently we can get the job done.

At Julian’s Appliance Centre we service and repair all Dyson models except stick and hand-held versions, so if ever you run into a problem with your Dyson – or any other vacuum cleaner for that matter – be sure to contact Julian’s Appliance Centre.

Watch a technician repair a Dyson vacuum cleaner at our Geelong workshop