Expanding commercial kitchen and small appliance repairs service in Geelong

January 9, 2017

The year 2017 marks a big step forward for the Geelong kitchen and small appliance repair and servicing team at Julian’s Appliance Centre.

As part of our ongoing service expansion and enhancement plans, Julian’s will expand its small commercial appliance repair network during the coming 12 months, further bolstering the service we have provided to Geelong and district over many years.

At Julian’s we understand the importance of quick turnaround times for businesses seeking appliance repairs because, after all, time is money and the longer appliances are out of action, the greater the financial implications.

By expanding our small appliance and kitchen repair service in Geelong we’ll further reduce the time taken to repair and service machines. Julian’s has always had a reputation for prompt service and speedy turnaround times but we’re planning to take that service to a whole new level in 2017.

While we can service and repair most small commercial appliances, we anticipate a particular emphasis on stick mixers, microwaves, food processors and cryovac machines. Geelong’s ever-growing hospitality industry and reputation as one of Victoria’s premier food and wine destinations means commercial kitchen appliances are enduring unprecedented workouts. The stick mixers and food processors are mixing and blending almost around the clock, the microwaves seem to be cooking and heating most of the day and the cryovac machines are working overtime sealing foodstuffs to keep them as fresh as possible. There’s a whole production line underway in Geelong’s commercial appliances sector and Julian’s will be doing its part to ensure the wheels keep turning.

If you require kitchen and small appliance repair and servicing in Geelong and district during the coming months, make sure you contact Julian’s Appliance Centre. We can come to you at your premises if necessary or you’re welcome to drop your appliances at our workshop.