Your air conditioning servicing specialists in Geelong

April 30, 2017

There’s no denying that the cold bite of autumn has chased away the warmth of summer.

But don’t despair. The months seem to be flying by and, before you know it, the heat will return and the air-con will be in demand once again.

Air conditioners can take a hammering over the warmer months so why not factor in a regular servicing program to ensure your appliance will perform at its full potential the minute it’s desperately needed again.

For air conditioning servicing Geelong region people turn our electrician team at Julian’s Appliance Centre for excellent work and quality customer service. We’re specialists in this field and we won’t let you down.

Most air conditioners sit silently on the wall for the bulk of the year, waiting to spring into action when the mercury rises. And it will rise. And we will have hot, sleepless nights unless the trusty air-con is well maintained, efficient and ready to spring into action on command.

That’s why organising a yearly service by our split-system air conditioner specialists is well worth considering. A well-maintained appliance will not only be more reliable, last longer and run more efficiently, it will also draw less energy and keep your costs down.

While maintenance and repair services are a core part of our business, we can also install air conditioners for you. We stock Midea air conditioning units for sale too and are always on hand to offer practical advice for people hunting for a new unit.

When it comes to quality air conditioning servicing Geelong residents trust Julian’s Appliance Centre to keep their appliances working well. So contact us to book in an air-con service. That way, when the next heat wave eventually strikes, you’ll be able to keep your cool in comfort.