Geelong Electrolux appliance repairs in time for Christmas

October 11, 2017

With the holiday season fast approaching, you don’t want the added stress of handling a broken oven, dishwasher or washing machine! If you think one of your household appliances might be on their last legs, save yourself the trouble and book in with our Geelong appliance repairs team.

At Julian’s Appliance Centre, we’re excited to announce we are now an authorised service agent for leading brand Electrolux, providing all electrical appliance repairs across their huge range of brands.

While we’ve always offered small appliance repairs for Electrolux and Volta coffee machines and vacuums, we are now expanding into bigger appliances across the range – from entry-level Chef appliances to premium, high-end AEG appliances,¬†Westinghouse, Simpson, Kelvinator and Volta.

Depending on the size of your appliances, you can either bring them into our appliance repairs specialists, or we can bring our repairs to you.

Electrolux appliance repairs

As an authorised service agent for Electrolux, we can repair and service all your kitchen, laundry and other electrical household appliances, including:

  • fridges
  • washing machines and dryers
  • dishwashers
  • ovens, cooktops and rangehoods
  • microwaves
  • Kelvinator split system air conditioners
  • Volta vacuums
  • coffee machines.

While we offer small appliance repairs for coffee machines and vacuums in store, our experienced appliance repairs team is happy to come to your home to repair or service larger Elextrolux appliances.

We can repair major appliances under warranty or outside warranty, including providing spare parts and accessories, as well as maintain regular servicing to keep your appliances in optimum working order.

We recommend servicing your air conditioner and dryer every 18 months to two years and your coffee machines and vacuums every 12 months to two years. It also never hurts to call our appliance repairs team in to have a look at your ovens and cooktops, ensuring everything is in top shape and preventing breakdowns and costly repairs in future.

Please contact our appliance repairs team in Geelong for authrorised servicing for Electrolux appliances and brands, including Volta, Chef, Simpson, Westinghouse, Kelvinator and AEG.