Authorised Safco commercial appliance repairs agent in Geelong

February 28, 2018

At Julian’s Appliance Centre, we understand that business never sleeps. As Geelong’s commercial appliance repairs specialists, we know how to keep your appliances performing at their best, so you can keep delivering the best experiences for your customers.

As a leading hospitality industry brand, Safco appliances are found in almost every commercial kitchen, from fast-food chains such as Red Rooster and Subway, to local cafes and restaurants, catering businesses and even the growing food van market.

Julian’s Appliance Centre is Geelong’s largest authorised Safco appliance repairs agent, meaning you can bring your stick mixers, blenders, food processors, toaster ovens, microwaves, sandwich presses, panini grills, waffle makers and just about any Safco appliance in to our Geelong store for servicing and repairs as needed.

We work with all brands across the Safco range, including popular Waring, Sirman and Winston appliances – and can accept appliances couriered from interstate.

Commercial appliance servicing

We recommend regularly servicing commercial appliances to keep them in the best condition – as well as prevent costly major repairs in future. Servicing your appliances at least once every 12 months ensures your business runs smoothly and efficiently all year round.

If you notice any screeching, grinding or noises coming from your appliances, save money in the long run with preventative maintenance, from bearings to blade assemblies to shaft and cord replacement.

As an authorised Safco service agent, we provide in warranty and out of warranty servicing for Safco’s huge range of brands and appliances, including:

  • Waring panini grills, sandwich presses and waffle makers
  • Waring food processors, choppers and grinders
  • Sirman stick mixers
  • Sirman meat slicers and vegetable preparation machines
  • commercial Sharp microwaves
  • Waring stick blenders or immersion blenders.

Simply bring your appliances to Julian’s Appliance Centre and we will service items while maintaining your warranty.

Commercial appliance repairs

If your appliance breaks down, don’t panic! Drop it off at Julian’s Appliance Centre and we’ll diagnose the problem, order spare parts and complete repairs as needed. As well as servicing all brands under the Safco umbrella, we also work with other well-known appliance brands including Roband and Robot Coupe.

We understand time is of the essence in the fast-paced hospitality industry, so our team can travel out to you to service larger appliances, such as bains-maries and conveyor toasters.

Don’t worry if your appliance isn’t mentioned – call us and our Geelong-based commercial appliance repairs team will help you.