Geelong’s Nutrifaster Ruby Juicer repair and servicing specialists

May 17, 2018

Anyone who owns a Nutrifaster Ruby juicer knows they are one of the highest quality commercial juicers on the market, and as a result, are also a sizable investment for an individual or a business. This is why the appliance experts at Julian’s Appliance Centre recommend frequent servicing for these premium models, to ensure the best “bang for your buck”.

Our team are experts in Nutrifaster products and are experienced in Nutrifaster juicer repairs and Ruby juicer servicing for Geelong owners.

At Julian’s Appliance Centre we believe that maintenance and prevention is always better than waiting until something breaks to repair it. Not only is it more cost effective but it also prevents you from going without a machine that you need, either to run your business or just for everyday life.

Which is why our team conduct comprehensive servicing for many appliances, especially up-market ones like Nutrifaster’s Ruby juicer models. If you own a juice bar, cafe or restaurant the last thing you need is for appliances to break, leaving you unable to provide sought after products for your customers.

At Julian’s Appliance Centre we offer a maximum two-day turn around on Ruby juicer servicing and most repairs (depending on the availability of parts). Our servicing involves checking bearings, gears, flushing components, seals, motors and electricals. And we can do this for all models, both inside and outside of warranty.

If you do have a major issue with your Ruby juicer and need it repaired urgently then we can also help. Our team provides emergency repairs for all Nutrifaster juicers and can repair the product either in our workshop or on-site.

If you’re looking for Ruby juicer servicing in Geelong, then our team of appliance specialists are on hand to assist you in a time frame that suits you. We will make sure that your appliance remains in working condition for years to come – all for a great price. Contact our team to find out more.