Professional coffee machine servicing a money saver

June 29, 2018

So your coffee machine’s broken down and now you’re buying that all-important early hit of caffeine on your way to work every¬† morning.

For people who crave their daily morning coffee, that small monetary outlay to a drive-through coffee shop or local cafe every day can add up to about $1400 a year, according to a report in the Sydney Morning Herald. The article, written by Nicole Pedersen-McKinnon, suggests people could pay off their home loan much earlier if they stopped buying coffee and redirected the saved cash into their mortgage.

At Julian’s Appliance Centre, we think this calls for some serious coffee machine servicing from our professional team. We’ll get your coffee machine up and running quickly so you can go back to crafting your aromatic cuppa just how you like it, in the comfort of your own home. And if we can help you shave serious time off your home loan through our quality maintenance and repairs, we couldn’t be happier.

Whether you crave a latte or a cappuccino, there are a host of amazing coffee machines that allow you to make your drink of choice. Our team can professionally install and service a wide range of premium models from brands including Sunbeam, Bosch, Siemens, Krups, Breville, Delonghi, Blanco, Miele and Gaggia. If you have a machine that’s under warranty or out of warranty, ask us for help.

Coffee is extremely important to many people. That means coffee machines are a much-loved friend when it comes to household appliances. So look after your machine by getting it serviced by our professional team every 18 months. Regular attention will keep it performing well and also help to increase its lifespan.

To all you coffee lovers out there, it’s time to raise your caffeine-rich cup in a happy toast to the might of the coffee machine. And, once you’ve done that, contact Julian’s Appliance Centre and book in coffee machine servicing to ensure your appliance remains at the top of its game.