The Gaggia coffee machines in Geelong giving you barista-quality coffee at home

October 1, 2018

Gaggia Milano is a world-renowned brand that has close to a century of experience in refining their coffee machines and appliances to provide customers with the perfect espresso. Julian’s Appliance Centre has recognised the quality of Gaggia appliances, and as a result have become an expert seller and repairer of Gaggia coffee machines in Geelong.

The beauty of Gaggia’s range of coffee machines is that they give you access to authentic Italian espresso coffee without having to leave your home – with most of the models that Julian’s Appliance Centre stock giving you all of the options of a cafe, plus giving you control over temperature, level of milk froth and much more.

Gaggia coffee machines serve up barista quality coffee in a matter of seconds, unlike many cheaper or more generic models that simply offer you some low-quality espresso and lukewarm milk. Whether you like a simple but sweet-tasting latte, a rich long black or something a little more specific, Gaggia’s coffee machines cater to every coffee-lovers needs.

Julian’s Appliance Centre are also licensed repairers of Gaggia appliances, meaning you’ll have the support you require if you need any repairs on maintenance carried out on your model. Our experts can advise you on how best to look after your model, to ensure it lasts for as long as possible, including tips on cleaning and maintenance.

Contact us for all of you Gaggia coffee machine neeeds in Geelong, we have licensed coffee machine repairers, as well as a range of premium models in stock for sale in store. When you buy a Gaggia coffee machine from Julian’s Appliance Centre you know you will receive the knowledgeable support and expertise you need for the lifespan of your model.