How to make barista-quality coffee from your Geelong home with a Gaggia coffee machine

June 29, 2019

Julian’s Appliance Centre has a range of Gaggia coffee machines in Geelong, ideal for all coffee lovers- whether you enjoy a simple, dark espresso or a soft cappuccino, we have a machine to suit your temperature and froth needs.

Gaggia is the producer of some of the world’s most renowned coffee machines. Originating in Italy in the 1930s, it has become one of the country’s most iconic brands, supplying homes with state of the art coffee machines and top quality coffee.

Making a perfect barista-quality coffee at home is easy with a Gaggia coffee machine. All you need is the right equipment and your favourite blend. The quality of the beans you use is important, we recommend freshly grounded coffee beans for maximum taste and richness.

You will get the best flavour from coffee beans up to one month after roasting, and the texture of the grind is crucial too; too coarse and water will flow rapidly through it, resulting in watery coffee, too fine and the space between particles shrinks, potentially leading to an over extraction or even difficulties in extraction.

There are two common mistakes that lead to bad coffee, an unclean coffee machine and reheated milk, so make sure you avoid these.

How to use your Gaggia coffee machine

To make a coffee with a Gaggia coffee machine simply switch the machine on, fill the filter holder with ground coffee, tamp it and let the brewing begin!

An extra tip is to dispense some water before adding the coffee, this is called ‘purging’. Depending on the model, Gaggia machines have different professional features to suit different needs, these include but are not limited to the brewing group and filter holder, the solenoid valve, the steam wand and an exclusive set of three filters.

With Gaggia coffee machines, you don’t need to be a specially trained barista to make delicious coffee, everyone can do it!

Contact us or visit our friendly team at our store to find out more about Gaggia coffee machines Geelong coffee-lovers will love. We repair and service all models. Coffee is an essential part of a good morning, so don’t compromise! Get perfect barista-quality coffee at home today.