Call the Julian’s Appliance team for qualified oven repairs in Geelong

October 27, 2021

If you need reliable oven repairs in Geelong for your trusty kitchen workhorse, turn to the experts at Julian’s Appliance Centre.

The oven takes pride of place in kitchens across the nation. It’s where family meals are created, bread is baked, muffins rise and delicious casseroles bubble. It’s central to many kitchen activities and any problems with its smooth operation can cause unwanted disruption to normal daily life.

At Julian’s, we have years of experience when it comes to carrying out excellent oven repairs in Geelong. We repair and service a wide range of ovens – both in and out of warranty – including DeLonghi, Robinhood, Bellini and Kleenmaid. We’ve also got you covered for spare parts and stove elements for a big selection of oven brands.

While regular servicing can help keep your oven running efficiently, there’s peace of mind in knowing you have an expert in oven repairs in Geelong only a phone call away. We respond swiftly, work efficiently and deliver great results.

People often automatically assume they need a new oven when troubles hit. But rather than outlaying big bucks on such a purchase, calling on our team to check out the problem can potentially save you heaps of money. Often we’ll be able to get the problem sorted swiftly and cost effectively so your kitchen can return to normal.

While we are registered repair and servicing agents for many oven brands, we can also repair cook tops and range hoods for clients.

Common issues with ovens

So what is going on with your oven? Is it failing to heat effectively? Making a strange noise? Is the door not sealing correctly? Whatever the issue, we are happy to carry out a thorough inspection in your home and handle all appropriate repairs.

Common problems with ovens include:

  • Faulty thermostats, which lead to inconsistent temperatures in the oven;
  • Damage to the door seal, which stops it from shutting snugly and makes the oven less energy efficient;
  • Faulty elements;
  • And damage to door hinges and hinge brackets.

Our timely repairs can help you get the most out of your oven. If you look after it well, it will perform at its optimum level and last for years.

But if we find it is not cost effective to carry out repairs, we will let you know. We don’t want people to throw away unnecessary money on appliances that will simply fail again.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us on 03 5229 1971 if you need urgent oven repairs in Geelong. We are reliable, efficient and here to help.