Kitchen appliance repairs for Lethbridge clients

November 15, 2021

For reliable and cost-effective kitchen appliance repairs Lethbridge clients can trust the experienced team at Julian’s Appliance Centre.

We understand just how inconvenient it can be when appliances you rely on everyday break down. Suddenly a vital piece of equipment stops functioning and your kitchen schedule becomes a shambles. From coffee makers to fridges, toasters and kettles, we don’t realise how important these items are to the smooth running of our daily lives until their performance falters or they stop working completely.

Well, the good news is that our professional team of qualified technicians can help. We provide kitchen appliance repairs for Lethbridge people and those across the region. It’s also worth talking to us about servicing appliances too, which helps to keep your items running more efficiently and for longer.

We’ve been carrying out prompt, quality repairs on appliances for years. Our work can help clients save money in the process, because the cost of fixing an item can be significantly less than unnecessarily outlaying hard-earned cash for a new one. And the quicker you deal with an underperforming appliance, the better it can be for its long-term survival.

Licensed and qualified experts

Then there’s the safety issue. In our job, safety is paramount. Faulty appliances can put their users at risk of injury. But don’t put yourself in harm’s way by attempting DIY repairs. At Julian’s, we have electrical, plumbing and refrigerated gas licences, meaning we’ve got the right qualifications, skills and knowledge to safely handle appliance repairs.

So leave it to the experts. That’s us. After we’ve thoroughly inspected your appliance, either in-store or on-site, we’ll carry out the necessary work to fix it. But if it’s beyond salvaging, we’ll let you know.

We carry out kitchen appliance repairs for items including:

  • Blenders;
  • Toasters;
  • Stick mixers;
  • Juicers;
  • Coffee machines;
  • Food processors;
  • Ovens
  • Range hoods;
  • Kettles;
  • Refrigerators, and more.

As registered warranty agents for many well-known brands, we handle repairs for commercial and domestic clients. Whether your item is a KitchenAid, Miele, Bosch or DeLonghi product, or from another respected brand, we’ve got you covered.

Please contact our friendly team on (03) 5229 1971 for quality kitchen appliance repairs for your Lethbridge home or business.