Commercial Appliances, Geelong

Julians Appliance Centre are the go-to licensed seller and repairer of commercial electrical appliances in Geelong, selling and servicing a wide-range of this popular appliances from well-known manufacturers for businesses both big and small.

If you’re after an Apuro, Hamilton Beach, Mecnosud or other commercial appliance for your kitchen, Julians Appliance Centre has you covered, not only can we source the product for you, we will also act as a one-stop shop for all of your servicing and repair needs under warranty.

Apuro cooking equipment

Businesses in the hospitality industry rely on high-quality cooking equipment to get the job done. If you’re after reliable cooking equipment that can service your business for years to come then Julians Appliance Centre can suggest a range of Apuro products to suit your needs.

From bench-top griddles to grills, rice cookers, fryers and more, Julians Appliance Centre are the experts when it comes to Apuro electric cooking equipment. We can suggest which products will be most suitable for your business and then ensure they continue to work optimally under warranty.

Apuro food preparation equipment

Functional, modern food preparation equipment can drastically increase a business’s efficiency, cutting down on time spent slicing and dicing, mixing and sealing, so you can get more orders out to your customers. Julian’s Appliance Centre sell, service and repair Apuro ice cream makers, mixers, slices and more, giving your business the edge over the competition.

On top of the types of equipment mentioned above, we can also help you if you’re looking for food display equipment, such as bain-maries. When it comes to Apuro commercial appliances, we have you covered for all of your product, servicing and repair needs.

Even if you have an Apuro appliance out of warranty, we can still have a look at it and potentially repair it for you or – depending on cost – we can look at getting you a replacement or upgraded model.

Contact us to find out more about the specific types of Apuro products we can sell, service and repairs. When it comes to commercial appliances in Geelong, Julian’s Appliance Centre are the go-to experts.