Washing machine servicing, Geelong

A washing machine is an essential household item, having clean clothes is a non-negotiable! And if your house is home to children then we know you go through loads upon loads of washing! School uniforms, mud-caked footy socks, blankets, cushion covers, delicates and more! If your washing machine stopped working as it should, would you have time to run back and forth between a local laundromat? And don’t forget all the gold coins you’d have to have on hand to pay for your loads of washing!

Sounds like a headache, doesn’t it. Well at Julian’s Appliance Centre, you can be assured we understand the importance your washing machine holds in your home. As such, we’ll be there whenever you need washing machine servicing or repairs in Geelong. We’ll replace filters, fix engines, ensure pipes are working as they should and are properly connected. We also provide dishwasher installation in Geelong, too.

The appliance experts at Julian’s Appliance Centre service and repair a full range of washing machine brands, including, but not limited to, big brands such as LG, Sharp,  Panasonic and Hisense.